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Today I went to chinese school. Pretty boring, and we had a sub today that kept on picking on us since we were all drawing and leaning our heads on are arms. "You are all here to learn!" She kept saying, "Because you want to learn chinese!" Uh no we don't lady. We're here because our parents are making us come every Saturday for the rest of our lives until we graduate.

Then I went home. Actually I went to chik-fil-a, then i went home. I hate awkwardly standing around while waiting for my food. awkward.

And now I'm home, where I'm supposed to be doing SAT homework. Seriously, I really do not understand the concept of going to a class every week for two years just to practice for a test. Not even 2 years, since some people in my class are 6th graders. Like wtf, overachievers much?
I'm scared I won't be able to get into a good college, but seriously. I don't want to think about what will happen after I leave home. Pathetic but yeah.

Had a fight with my mom. I'm playing my violin for charity later at like 7, but because of that I'm missing my best friend's birthday. I shouted horrible things that I seriously regret now. I regret I regret I regret I regret I regret

Instead of doing homework or practicing, I'm watching a very potter sequel. So funny omg.

I'm on Act 1 part 4. I have to admit I do like the first one better. My favorite characters are def. Ron and Malfoy(: LOVE.

Omg i know this is suddenly really random, but I really miss middle school. Especially 8th grade. Even though I was vair vair pathetic back then, I miss being able to know everyone and not having anything to worry about except homework or if he would like me back or w.e. Pathetic things.

Anyways. I will go back to doing homework. Or watching avps.
Sad life.

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