it's been a while

currently on the hunt for more good songs but i've been lacking recently sigh. one good one is hope by tim legend tho; naomi wild's voice is so sultry

currently sitting in the atrium dreading studying for microtheory blegh. I did finish homework early though, so I should really spend this extra time studying for my exams next week...esp also since I'm going out for dinner later.

idk how i feel rn. just very mundane 

sorry for the lame update (not like anyone reads this though let's be real)



--words i never thought i'd be constantly thinking about

i love accounting

getchu someone who fills your water bottle with the temperature of water just the way you like it

whoa i did it

running thru the 5 with my exec app


to u

honestly idk who tf is still reading my blog but whoever you are, whether you're a stranger in singapore (for some reason I have a couple readers there) or someone I know irl, i hope you're doing ok and if you're not ok then its ok because i'm not ok either but i'm getting there so let's get there together in this one big run on sentence