friday thoughts

im going to be lonely as fuck my fifth year


who is reading my posts!!

hello whoever you are! welcome to my blog of really depressed but {sometimes} funny thoughts. i wonder if i know who you are, or if you're just some random person out in the world. you're probably someone i know who i never talk to anymore. OR you're someone i talk to on a daily basis, you sly dog

do you ever have a moment in your life when you stop and think about how well/okay everything is going, and think, man when is my next tragic moment? When is something bad going to happen??? there's no way the world is supposed to go this smoothly right?? i've been having that thought lately.

so yeah, things have been ok i suppose. i'm currently in summer school which absolutely sucks, but theres like one week left with one more round of midterms and then finals and then i can go home and relax WOOOOO

i helped pranav move in last week, which was surprisingly actually pretty fun (for me at least hehe). don't get me wrong, moving is such a pain but i guess it's just more fun when it's with someone you love being with

i sound so gloaty rn sorry but like i don't know how else to say it?? like yeah i love being with him idk how else to say it

you know who else i love being with!! kaylee!! and she's coming back tomorrow YES and we're planning to go paddle boarding and getting our third piercings together on monday after my midterms

currently at his place on my own desk (!!) where i should be studying lol. eh but i wanted to take a break and write in my journal except i left it at my place so i guess this will do. i'm trying to make this more private (in case you haven't noticed) bc i feel like this is very sensitive material if leaked lol. BUT then again it's also like WELL yeah i have embarrassing stuff on here and my thoughts are weird sometimes and i'm sure any sane person who reads this might think i'm mentally deranged but these are my thoughts, this is my blog, please leave if you don't like it

ok bye

depressed girl finds love, loses it due to her insecurities


it's been a while

currently on the hunt for more good songs but i've been lacking recently sigh. one good one is hope by tim legend tho; naomi wild's voice is so sultry

currently sitting in the atrium dreading studying for microtheory blegh. I did finish homework early though, so I should really spend this extra time studying for my exams next week...esp also since I'm going out for dinner later.

idk how i feel rn. just very mundane 

sorry for the lame update (not like anyone reads this though let's be real)



--words i never thought i'd be constantly thinking about

i love accounting

getchu someone who fills your water bottle with the temperature of water just the way you like it