School update

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So I guess I have to talk about how my first week of school went.

Everything started out fine. I knew at least one or two people in each class, so..

LOL okay that was easy. This class is like my second home ok.

2. Language
I was a little hesitant, since I went in without knowing anyone in my class. But it was ok because a girl in my first period had the same class(:

3. English
Ironically enough, I thought English would be okay because I knew a lot of people who were in the same class. Yeah, I "knew" people, but they weren't like good friends or anything. It was actually pretty good though, because I just made friends with them.

So I knew I would be eating lunch with one of my good friends, and also some of her own friends whom I didn't know. TURNS OUT HER FRIENDS ARE ALL (lack of better words) WEIRDOS.
Okay, maybe they're not that bad.
Its just that everytime my friend got up to go get lunch, or go to the bathroom, I would be stuck there eating my lunch silently while her friends socialized and talked and gabbered on.
Omg so awkward.
But then it turns out my really good friends also have that same lunch on mondays and wednesdays, and I found two other friends that I actually knew that I could sit with on tuesdays thursdays and fridays.
So maybe it wasn't that bad.

I didn't know at all.
I "knew" some people from like middle school and stuff..
Anyways it was okay bc they didn't know anyone either so we just got together our "hey look we have a group only bc we know each other from middle school".

So overall, it was okay.

Maybe not the best

But it wasnt that bad!



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