What I Look For in a Guy

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You know what I have a really hard time doing? Figuring out which letters to capitalize in a title. I know for shorter words like "a" you're not supposed to, but then it just looks funny. Should I capitalize "in"? But then "a" will be the only non-capitalized letter in the title...what if it feels left out?
Blogger problems, man.

Anyways, I literally did nothing today, I feel like the most unproductive slob in the world. Also, I got my period so yippie dee doo dah.

Today I'm going to talk about character traits I look for in a guy. I kind of debated against this post for a while because I was afraid it would look like I'm only aiming for a certain stereotype, or if it'd seem as though I was kind of hypocritical because hey, I'll admit, I don't have all of these qualities either. I know there's no such thing as perfect but I mean...I can try. Right?

1. Intellectual
I almost put "smart" but I changed my mind. My definition of Intellectual is someone who can discuss current events. Yeah, they'll have to do good in school, but I don't just want someone who's book smart, I want someone who knows whats going on in the world and is open to discussion on various sides of a certain topic.

2. Holds a Conversation
I can be the most boring person you'll ever meet. At the same time, I can talk forever about different things. I don't give a shit if we're talking about what we like to put on our sandwiches or whether or not prostitution should be legal, just give me something to talk about.

3. Confident
Asdfghjkl; just as long as he knows what he's capable of and doesn't always sympathize with himself and mope around. I can't stand anyone who always puts themselves down and says pathetic things like "Please don't go, you're the only person left for me" (true story, btw). It turns me off like switching off a lightbulb.

4. Hard Working
Sandra asked me a while ago what would be the best compliment someone could ever give me. This was my answer. Hardworking people get my attention, because it shows me that they're willing to put effort into improving whatever they're doing. It also tells me that they actually want to make something of themselves for the future.

5. Kind
This is actually one of the most important ones out of all of these. I hate judging people and I always try to be kind to others, and I would kind of expect the same from a guy I like. Why the fuck should I like someone who's only kind to me but a total asshole to others?

Annnndddd that concludes my list. I'm sure there are other minor ones but they all kind of mesh into these five categories. NOT BAD EH. I didn't put anything on looks because this year has honestly opened my eyes to deeper things despite appearances. I'm not going to lie and say that appearances don't matter at all, but they're just not a high priority for me.

I wouldn't exactly mind if he looked like this though...

JUST KIDDING. not really.

Alright off to bed. 

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