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Okay if this doesn't make any sense, I don't blame you; it doesn't make sense to me either.

Here's why I'm AGAINST dating him.

1. We only have a year left of high school; after this, we'll have to break up and go our separate ways anyways. What's the point?
2. I don't want to lose him as a friend if and when we break up.
3. Distraction from my academics. OH GOD this sounds so dorky but next year's going to be so busy with college admissions and stuff, how am I supposed to find time with friends, never mind boyfriend?
4. Most irrelevant reason ever, but we'd be that stereotypical Asian couple.

Here's why I'm for it.

1. I like him. Obviously, otherwise I wouldn't even be facing this conflict now. He's a really good person and he makes me happy.
2. Experience for college. I can't go into college with zero experience with guys.
3. ...I like him.


Pro/Con lists suck. They don't help at all.

Rapid change of topic, I'm going to talk about my day.

SO today I had to wake up at the crack of ass (8:30) ON A SATURDAY MORNING. Let me reiterate that, it was a SATURDAY MORNING and I had to physically GET OUT OF BED WITH A PURPOSE at 8:30.

I had to go to some wedding internship thing. I just helped out. It was an hour 1/2 away and it was in a barn which is very fucking southern I just

Scratch that, it was actually pretty cool. I set up the tables, folded napkins, placed the napkins ON the tables after I put tablecloths on them, set up candles, blah blah blah.

I'm actually supposed to go to Veronica's right now but its raining outside. I just want to stay in my room and listen to music and write.

Fuck, I love listening to rain during the weekends while I'm indoors. I hate rain when I have to goddamn walk to the library after school.

2 months. 2 months AND I'LL BE FREEEEEE

K I have to go to Veronica's now. ADIOS

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