Orch Banquet 2014

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Ughhh I was supposed to blog about this a while ago but I never got around to uploading the pictures from my phone until now sorry sorry

I know I actually blogged about my first ever orchestra banquet back in 2012 on this blog too! Man, time flies.

Anyways so the date of banquet was May 30, 2014 WHICH IS SO LONG AGO IKIK

I was really excited this year because it was the first year I actually got to bring my boyfriend! Not that I ever had a chance to bring a date to banquet before, BECAUSE I NEVER HAD ONE.

So I was excited but also very nervous since...idk. I didn't want to seem lame, y'know?

It started off really crappy because we didn't have enough room at one table for all our friends so we had to split up. Ugh god that really made me mad because some people....not going to get into it.

So we ended up sitting at a table with Natalie and Ryan and some other sophomores.

Selfies &more selfies
Dress from BCBG! Shoes are cheapo heels from F21.
(Can we please take a moment to cringe at my horrendous foot tan)
With Veronica!
Best friends since 6th grade yo
Me and bae
Oh god I really hate that term. "bae" I WAS JUST KIDDING I DONT ACTUALLY USE IT SERIOUSLY OK

But basically the night just consisted of dinner, slideshows, senior slideshows, etc.
Wow this post is really lame. I'M SORRY IM NOT INTERESTING. 

Anyways its not like anyone really reads my blog.

HOPE Y'ALL (which is no one) HAVE A GREAT DAY

P.S Update coming soon!!

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