not an update pt II

Tuesday, February 16, 2016 0 Comments A+ a-

10:48 pm and 17% left on my mac, gg

yet I'm still wasting time and charge by writing this post LOL

egh I have stuff to do but's not due tomorrow so I don't have to do it today...right....

oh god don't judge even I don't know why ok but lately I've been listening to 1D and DON'T JUDGE ME OK!!

like I get so embarrassed every time it pops up on my phone but like you know what fuck what others think THEY ARE V CATCHY

not much to update. Actually I do, but I need the pictures so I'll probably post one sometime this weekend. OH HAPPY FEBRUARY BTW

ok ill stop screwing around now

michelle & fam are coming to see me this Friday so we'll see how that goessss

justin are you still reading this

literally i cannot believe you knew about my blog this whole time smh

I write about stuff no one cares about--aka my life