ugh studying

Wednesday, March 21, 2012 0 Comments A+ a-

So, currently I am supposed to be studying for my midterm exams, which start tomorrow.

but seriously. I We just came back from spring break!

I actually don't have anything to talk about. I am just so tired of studying (even though so far I have studied for approximately 20 minutes) and writing kind of helps me collect my thoughts :)

but..I have to study.

If I do not study:

1. I fail the exams
2. I flunk the class
3. Have to take summer school
4. Ruin my parents vacation plans
5. Disappointment from them
6. Stress
7. Fail high school
8. Do not get into any colleges
9. Get kicked out of my house
10. Become a hobo.


If I study:

1. Ace the tests
2. Pass the class with flying colors (weird term but ok)
3. Parents will be proud
4. Pride= work harder
5. Valedictorian
6. Get into Harvard
7. Become a doctor
8. Very rich
9. Marry a guy
10. Have a fulfilling life

HA. As if.

MY GOALS: (Grades wise)

~3.8 GPA or higher
~2250 on SAT or higher
~220 on PSAT or higher
~32 on ACT or higher
~Class rank: Top 25

Okay, now I am going to go back to what I was originally coming on the computer for: Print out a blank map of south america!

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