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So yesterday I went to my banquet for orchestra...
And yes I know I haven't updated in a while, and a lot of things have happened since I last wrote but that'll be in a later post!!

About the banquet:

After school, I still didn't have shoes to go with my dress so my mother and I had to go and get was very frustrating because none of the shoes were..well..good. They either were too toe-pinching, or the heel was too tall, or whatever. I finally found some silver ones but by then it was already 5:45 and my banquet was starting at 6:30. It took me 15 minutes to get home so really I only had 20 minutes to get ready -.-

LOL I don't know why I'm like talking so weird or whatever blah

I brushed my teeth then shaved, then I went to go do my makeup and hair, and got dressed and then my friend was at my house by 6:25, but as I was going out the door, I remembered that I had forgotten to do my toes -.- and they were disgusting, ok, but I just grabbed a random nail polish and went out the door. Of course, the nail polish I had grabbed was a light pink, and the fading polish on my toes was like a hot pink. YAY.


So we got there, signed in and was in this room at a hotel and everything was very fancy and nice:D The salad and the dessert was already set on the round tables and you could choose where to sit but some of our friends had already arrived so we sat with them. 

We ate our salads (nothing special) then the main course arrived!!
Of course I was super smart so I forgot to take any pictures of the food.

The main course was this chicken breast thingie on mashed potatoes and some sort of sauce was dripped all over it? Everything was good except the sauce. It tasted like mayonnaise and ranch XP

The desert was freaking amazing. yum. Chocolate cake!:D

The best part was the slide show. It was compromised of pictures from our best orchestra events this year and there was this one picture of my friend and I on our spring trip and I was asleep on her shoulder but luckily my hair was fanned out to cover my face. It was really cool, seeing all the past events that we had done.

Then..I'm not sure if this was before or after our awards, but we had seniors who would be leaving once the school year was out, and they had a special slideshow just for them too.

Then we had student awards...and then orchestra awards...

And then dancing.

So that was pretty much it...I have to go and do my powerpoint now, so I'll update in a later post!

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