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..yeah I know it's CHRISTMAS BREAK and I'm still doing homework. Who would've thought.
I was going through my AP Psych powerpoint and then I just have to read a chapter and I should be done for today. Unless I feel like overachieving, in which case I will also do the Ch 7 powerpoint.

The title of this post is dedicated to the song that I am currently obsessed with by The Neighborhood.

LALALALA Oh god I really want to type something out but I can't. It's something I discovered recently, and it just gives me this adrenaline rush like I'm doing cocaine or something. But it's not cocaine (obviously). It's not really anything BAD, but it's kind of a taboo subject.

Ugh I really want to meet new people. I'm just so tired of the same old type of people here. I need some fun in my life, something different and exhilarating.

Every day, its the same old, same old. Which I'm totally fine with! Yeah, don't exactly look forward to coming home to do my homework, eat dinner, and sleep, but its something in my life that can remain constant. For only a little while longer, that is. DAMN IT I do not want to graduate. But then again, I do. I'll get to meet new people, do new things, experience LIFE.

I don't know where my life is going. I guess I'll just have to wait and see.

Sometimes when I'm really bored or just don't feel like doing the million things I have to do I just click Next Blog up at the top and try to find people like me. Sometimes I do, actually. Their words sound like mine, and I want to talk to them, and be like hey, I'm Tuhsang. We should talk and relate about how confusing life is and eat ice cream. Then I've noticed that the last words they've written were back in 2011.

Blogging...just really isn't really in style anymore. Don't even try to convince me about Tumblr; it's not a blog, its a website full of pictures. I want words, I want depth.

Next semester, I have PE and Public Speaking. Joy. My goal this year is to be more confident when talking to crowds, and trust in myself. Oh, and to meet a guy who I can relate to and who actually likes me back, but that's not going to happen.

I don't know who I'm going to eat lunch with. Who the hell has D lunch?! So I suppose that 2014 is also the first year I will be eating lunch by myself in the library.

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