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i need to stop being so whiny and get my stuff done lmao

uGHDHSHGFHGDHFGH ok im gonna go work on my apps now

for like 30 min bc then I'm going out with g to eat dinner and shanghai reunion

also while I am writing this I would just like to reemphasize for like the 100th time on this blog that feelings suck

except this time around the tables are turned and I feel bad but I don't know what to do

so one of my roommates basically gave up talking to boys until she gets an internship this summer; and while I admire her resilience, I don't think I could do the same


I think I could!! i'm tired af of "talking" and this year I need to figure my shit out on my own and seriously just these experiences from this past year is making me feel so ick about boys

why am I writing on here and not my applications

ok goodbye

i'm sorry my writing is so jumbled recently; I'm so paranoid that people I know are reading my blog so I've just been writing in my own journal. Honestly I feel like if I wrote on here what I write in my personal journal people would probably call 911 l o l

ok bye

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