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i just woke up and i haven't even showered yet so i feel absolutely disgusting

i kind of want to go work out before i shower but i don't think i can physically handle that right now lmao

rf;rh;rufruvfn i'm not doing that again for a while

UGH i feel like i can't write in here my proper thoughts and feelings because i know people are reading this and it makes me paranoid that I don't know who

last night was nidia's birthday party so it was really cool seeing everyone (well, most) from Shanghai again. G and i went to 6th for a bit but it wasn't too fun so we just came back early and I went back to nidia's to chill.

yeah honestly

other than special occasions (like birthdays lol) i'm going to take a break from all that for now

okay today

well first i need to shower

and then i need to figure out a way to stop being depressed

and then i need to study and do homework

ok good plan

I write about stuff no one cares about--aka my life