Things that PISS ME OFF 2

Monday, June 24, 2013 0 Comments A+ a-

My laptop's about to die and I really have to pee so I'll have to hurry.

Here's an addition to my list of things that piss me off: rude and uncourteous  people.

Here's one thing about me that I've mentioned before: I'm a good 1-2 years younger than my classmates. Due to that fact, while all my friends are currently driving, I am just taking Drivers Ed.

That means I'm taking it in a class full of freshmen girls who act like they're the queen of everything and thrive for attention.

So far I've survived 2 weeks, so this is the last week. THANK THE LORD.

Well today, during our 10 minute break, this girl sitting behind me decides to buy some bubbles at the grocery next door and bring it back to the class.

She then proceeds to blow bubbles through the remainder of the class.

Her friends giggled and laughed, like OHMAGAWDDDD BUBBBLESSSSS *wide eyed and open mouthed*

Why it missed me off?

a) She was sitting right behind me, which meant she was fucking blowing bubbles into my HAIR like bitch if I feel any soap in my hair you are so gone
b) She was disrupting the class. GIRL. let me tell you something. My parents payed goddamn $400 for this stupid class and I hate it so goddamn much but even so YOU ARE DISRUPTING THE CLASS. If you're going to disrupt a class I hate, at least be entertaining.
c) kind of the same as the above, but she was being rude to the instructor who was leading the class.

Here's what happened.

Instructor: "Excuse me, you're disrupting the class. I'm going to ask you to stop."
Girl: "I'm sorry" *laughs and puts the bubbles away*
Instructor: "No, no you're not sorry. You just want to be in the center of attention, with all your friends around you."
Girl: *meekly* "I just like bubbles."

I'm serious. That's what happened.


I can't believe I have to sit through another 4 days of class.

On the bright side I have DriveTime tomorrow! Driving for the first time*

*without my mom

I seriously need to pee so I'm going to end this post here.


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