MAJOR LIFE UPDATES (BeautyCon Dallas 2015, Ariana Grande)

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"Love on Top"-Beyonce (pretend there is an accent on the e, I'm too lazy to figure out how to do it)


....whats up?

I'm really honestly sorry for not writing. When I first started this blog, I always told myself that I would never become one of those bloggers who blogged so infrequently in sporadic times, and that I would always have a schedule and blah blah blah.

BUT it's honestly a lot harder than you think. I just fell out of "it"- the mood for writing. You gotta be in a certain mood ya know??

I am currently listening to spotify and trying to put together the perfect playlist for prom, WHICH is coming up this month! I will definitely update you guys ;)

Okay time for some updates:

Geez I don't even remember the last time I blogged. I'm just going talk about some random events that have happened thus far this year. (in no particular order)

1. Got into UCLA, no big deal

Okay well I guess for most people it isn't even a big deal, but HEY I'm pretty happy and proud of myself! Probably not going to go there, but still.

Speaking of colleges...26 days until I have to determine where I'm going to spend the next 4 years of my life. Totally not stressed about that at all.

2. This was from Christmas, but my brother got me a gift certificate to Tiffany & Co and this is what I picked out! I really love the key's been a staple for me ever since I've gotten it.

3. Valentines Day! Jus took me out to Ramen Hakata, which is now my favorite restaurant everrrrr in Texas at least. 


Ramen :)

I don't want to post any of the selfies we took on Vday cos I look terrible so here's another one from another day

The next day we made pancakes for breakfast (lunch) with his brand new waffle maker I got him for valentines day :)

Hmm...I have a picture of my prom dress I was planning to post. Should I post it now or later???

I think I'll save it for later....;)

5. Went to my first ever mavericks game 



I don't think I've shared this fact on here before, but here is a FACT:


I love it. I honestly do. I love trying out new products, I love swatching colors on my hand, I love piling makeup on my face....and of course, I love buying products.

I love watching youtube videos of my favorite youtube gurus and I follow makeup trends with a passion. Not that I have the guts or money to try all of them out.

My friend Supriya was the first to inform me that BeautyCon was coming to Dallas this year, which WOW, I guess Dallas isn't as crappy as I thought. Actually, this year I've become very appreciative of the city I've been living in for these past 8 years.

So of course I had to go...

March 14, 2015

Okay for some reason this picture is just refusing to rotate 

I went with my friends Supriya and Madhuri! They are both makeup aficionados like me so it was pretty awesome that we could all go.

The event was actually on my anniversary with Jus but it worked out pretty well because we left around 4-5 and I got to hang out with Jus afterwards!

I really wish I had more pictures of the actual events, but OF COURSE my phone couldn't take any pictures that day (long story) so these are the pictures I managed to get from Sup and Mad's phones.

The event was CRAZY. There were so many booths in a cramped convention room (which was very ghetto tbh) and it was CRAMMED with girls. There were some girls who brought their boyfriends just so they could help them hold spots in different lines and carry their bags of makeup, which is very smart imo. 

Supriya, Madhuri and I all divided up in different lines so we could hit as many booths as we could.

I don't have any pictures of the products I got :( But I definitely got my money's worth. 

1. Birchbox had their own booth where you could essential build your own birch box. You were only supposed to take 5 samples but...I took 10 whoops. Hey, Supriya literally stuffed her bags full and probably took at least 50, so..

2. NYX had a special promotion where you took a selfie of yourself and posted it onto instagram. They had a special machine which would print out a polaroid of your selfie and you could bring it to the register to redeem a FREE trio of 3 lip glosses. 

3. Free box of 3 samples including a face mask, a tart bronzer, and...something else for all ticket holders.

4. They also also had a "wheel of fortune" type booth where you spun to redeem your prize. I got a FULL SIZE Tarte lip chubby stick thing! Just my luck though, I already have the same shade...smh. I'm planning on giving that away to a friend.

Okay guys...are you ready for this?


OMG SHE TOUCHED ME that sounds weird

I posted this picture on Instagram and tagged her... (follow me btw @tuhsang)

I don't think you guys quite understand how much I fangirled. There were so so so many other beauty gurus there that day but Weylie was the only one who I genuinely looked forward to meeting and who I actually cared about. Her OG videos when she was in high school are my fav.

I was kind of scared of being let down when I met know how when you admire someone from so far away and when you actually meet them you're let down because they're rude or unfriendly? Weylie was nothing like that.

She seemed a bit tired but she still smiled and hugged me and told me I smelled good (I literally sprayed perfume on right before I stepped up to talk to her-thanks Juicy Couture) and took a photo with me. The security guards kept urging us to move on so I just told her I really loved watching her videos and she smiled and said thank you.

And those were are the best 30 seconds of my life.

nah, just kidding

But honestly, it is definitely a highlight I will never forget.

Okay I'm not even in this photo (OBVIOUSLY) but Supriya got to meet Gigi and I thought that was quite worthy to be in my blog.

Bye BeautyCon!!

On the same night...

Went to Asahi with Jus for our 1 year :) Okay honestly LOOK AT THE DRASTIC DIFFERENT BETWEEN MY EYES. I had 1 double eyelid that day and 1 monolid. I actually look really crazy in this pic, please don't look at me and just look at the food.


On Wednesday (April 1st) I went with Ubin to the Ariana Grande concert. We had floor seats so I was really excited, SORRY I AM GETTING TIRED AND I DONT HAVE STRENGTH TO ELABORATE SO HERE ARE SOME PICTURES

tryna look all cool

I posted a video but I don't know if y'all will be able to see:/

Overall it was really fun! Rixton opened up the show and I have to say, they were a lot more fun than Ariana in terms of interaction. Ariana just kinda got the show over with and was kind of awkward. 

Met up with some friends after the show!

Andddd that concludes my update blog post. Again, I'm really sorry about the lack of updates! Not that anyone reads my blog, but I like to think that someone out there pays attention to me.

Ending this post with a picture of me fingering a butthole 

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