Update: College pt 1/2

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Hello everyone,

Okay so disclaimer. It is currently December 19 as I am writing this now, but I started writing this sometime in November (like Nov 16 or something) so more than a month ago. So the first half of this post is written/captioned without knowledge of future events that have already happened...does that make sense?? just go along with it :)

PS. BE WARNED--major picture spam

---------(Nov 16ish)----------

It is currently 9:33 pm as I am writing this update.

awk sorry I just came back from the gym, it is now 11:09 pm

Okay you know what is a really good workout song? Work Out by J. Cole (who woulda thought)

Wow I don't even know where to begin with this post. I've been putting it off for a while because I don't even know what to tell and what not to tell.

Also BEWARE there will be a shit ton of photos in this post.

Okay I guess I'll start from the day before move-in to college.

August 21, 2015

Last time "officially" hanging out with Mads, Liz, Sup, and Erin

yes I did use a makeup app on this photo LOL

"Last" meal at Mellow Mushroom c: 

We also took a bunch of final selfies but if I posted every photo I wanted to in this post it would never end. Also I look terrible in all of them so even more reason not to post them ;)

August 22, 2015: Move-In

goodbye empty room

car is packed and ready to go

when you stuck in the back with all your crap


o hello new home for the next year

holy shit I cannot emphasize HOW MUCH WORK IT IS MOVING ALL MY CRAP UP TO THE DORM. I never appreciated my parents so much.

Unpacking pt 1....

Luckily, I got to my dorm a few hours before my roommate so I had plenty of time to figure things out.

Last dinner with my parents :c JAP FOOD YEEEE

Room is coming together :)

My room will never be this clean ever again LOL


Okay I guess this is the part where I break all this happiness lol. I didn't want to make this dramatic and quite honestly I could've chosen to avoid writing about this all together but like...idk this happened you know?? this blog is about my life and a lot of shit happens in life

my then-boyfriend and i broke up

ok I'm actually really angry about something else rn so I will come back to this post tomorrow.

Okay now it's November 18th at 8:57 pm not that it really matters

Anyways so yeah, we broke up. I don't really know what to say about it on here other than that it was definitely a very shitty time for me, to the point where I honestly wanted to switch schools and not be here anymore. I woke up crying every morning and I sincerely apologize to my roommate for sniffling throughout the night for like two weeks straight.

I don't really remember how long it took me to get back to slightly "normal". There were days when I would feel fine and actually excited and ready to move on and days where I would revert back to being completely depressed. 

This was the first picture I took after the breakup, which was probably like 2 weeks after:

The day I joined ABSA! my face puffy af from crying so much
I did take pictures during this time, so here are just a couple things I did while I was still "recuperating":

Makin ramen like the poor college students we are

Perks of being a business major OK I KNOW THIS DOESNT LOOK LIKE MUCH STUFF but i was v excited

what was i thinking wearing a tank top underneath a tank top SMH TIANA GET IT TOGETHER

update on my room 

ABSA camping trip :)

happy mid autumn festival!! MOON CAKEZ

Okay another break here. A few weeks after my break up, I applied to be a Corporate Relations director of ABSA. I remember looking through the list of all the people applying and thinking what the fuck am i doing applying to this I'm not even gonna get in 

Literally so close to giving up at 3 am the day it was due but Lila was like Tiana just try so I tried and I GOT IT

I don't think I can even properly explain how...happy I felt when I found out I got the position. Quite honestly, it was the first time I was genuinely so happy and excited since coming to college. I know it might not seem like a big deal but I felt really...happy. I can't describe it. I felt like it was a turning point in my life or something but that may sound too overdramatic.

After playing capture the flag at the capitol!!! With 2 of my co's and my VP :')

da whole branch /i look like a mess

SEAN. You will probably never read this but THANK YOU. you have been there for me more than you know and I've known you for like less than two months.

I was sick one day and Amanda & Jackie brought me goodies :'((( omg cri just remembering this, I really don't know what I ever did to deserve this

one of the many random selfies taken after a late night of studying


wit the VP (ps i can't put heart emojis :(( )

JEN. again you will probably never read this but thank you and I am so glad I met you.

homemade enchiladas at jimmy's!

Linda c:

treefolks! now I can officially say I know how to properly plant a tree :D

ok another random selfie but this is my blog 
actually now that I look at it again it doesn't look as good as I thought LOL

tea haus

on top of the graffiti park :)


Sellin boba :D

OKAY ready yourself for a compare/contrast.

My desk:

Roommate's desk:


sellin boba again yeee


HALLOWEEN!! at House of Torment :))

our new bff

amanda c:
lol wut

halloween :-)

okay this isn't me obviously but can we appreciate my brother and his gf and their dog on halloween
he was mustard
she was ketchup

one of many late nights pooped after stuDYING

monster for startup sim

STARTUP SIM SUCCESS!! I can't describe how awesome it is seeing an event that you've planned for so long come together. Excited for 3 more next semester :)

i liked my outfit this day LOL

another late night LOL congrats to jen for first place in SS!

christmas lights in my room :D

ooh ooh ooh okay this was this past weekend, JOCKS AND SCHOOLGIRLS at Omega house. We wanted to be different and go as jocks but of course there were like a bunch of girls dressed as jocks LOL

 (ps paid $20 for a jersey will prob never wear again)

thug lyfe

also took pictures at the actual party but will not be posting those

okay and then 5 hours after I got back i had family amazing race LOL

3rd place champs for family amazing race
OK ALL MY CAPTIONS ARE SO LAME but theres so many pictures to go through

homemade meal with exec!! we all went to HEB and then cooked at Amanda's apartment :D it was really really good


makin dumplings with jeff & jen

i remember i liked my outfit this day too LOL

qiwei and her engineering skillz LOL this cracked me up

ending this post with my beautiful bff. I MISS YOU OK 

....except its NOT the end of this post WOOOOOOOO more pictures!!!

----------dec 20----------

okay so dodge for a cause happened that following weekend

GRASSSSSS (heart emoji here smh)

jen again hehe

future roomie TONYA

okay after dodge for a cause we all went out to the food trucks stand with KND to eat
got bulgogi and it was SOOOOOOO GOOOD

more ppl hehe

okay after that I had a movie night....and the day after

Austin Panic Room with the branch!!!( -aaron)

and thennn thanksgiving with absa fam :)


ok back to studying

btw literally been wearing this hoodie non stop. THANK YOU AUSTIN 

what i ask myself everyday

okay back to actual HOME for thanksgiving break!! It was not a real break though tbh bc the following week I had 3 midterms that I had to study for..qq

OH YEAH. So Doron drove me home earlier one night than I was supposed to be back, so Tyler actually picked me up all the way from Allen at like midnight wtf. He picked me up with a hot chocolate from starbucks and...gahhh. honestly best welcome home. We went to BJs after mmmm the food was okkkk

Thanksgiving day!!!

da spread

what is thanksgiving without a selfie

Okay I also went black friday shopping with liz and it was POURING RAIN holy shit. I have a picture but I look like absolute shit in it.

Oh well.


ok then back to school for 2 more weeks!! you can fit a lot into 2 weeks though....

shit computer at 5% must type fast

OKAY studying for MIS is incomplete without Wendys. ty jackie for delivering

roomie facials LOL how does lila manage to look so good in a sheet mask

random selfie in brother's flannel

typical meal in the life of tiana

one night after a late night branch meeting 4/4

LOLOL ok this picture needs explaining. ABSA does a charity auction every year and this year's charity went to Water to Thrive. basically, individuals or branches can auction off a skill or lesson (for example, basketball lessons, cleaning service, food delivery, etc) and people bid on you and the money goes to the charity. Every year, Executive branch does a fancy four course dinner thing...but this year...they added the dinner date part. I WOULD LIKE TO CLARIFY THAT THIS WAS NOT CONSENSUAL. 

Luckily Sabeeha got the winning bid so I get to have dinner date with president and former exec branch :')

ps. i did not approve of that meme

afterwards jen and I had to rush to see Yuna, an artist who came to perform at the school. I had never heard of her before but holy shit I can't stop listening to her music now. GOGOGO listen to her if you haven't. Her lyrics actually..lol gonna sound lame but her lyrics actually speak to me.

TY jen for introducing her to me, and TY to Yuna for taking a pic with us :')

OH OKAY so then this is the day after, Friday, which I was SUPA excited for since there would be so much going on this weekend.

ugly christmas sweater shopping

Remember when I said my room would never be as clean ever again?....yeah

smh in my defense this was during finals week/almost christmas and I had a lot of stuff going on!!! also i was sick

THANK YOU AMANDA FOR MY PRESENTS. I literally cannot emphasize how much it meant to me and how much it made (and makes) me smile to this day (heart emoji)

She got each of us an emoji pillow that symbolizes us. LOOK AT JEFFREY there is literally no distinction LOL. again -aaron :(

merry xmas from a onesie & ugly christmas sweater

jen :3

afterwards we had a consulting team social at rudy's but I didn't eat anything since I was going to dinner right after that again 


we did go to...goddamn i forgot the name. It was a really cute ice cream place :)

i apologize for snapchat caption

smh its right there it was called dolce neve 

ty zack for date skate

i remember taking this at the end of the night and being like DAMN my makeup is still on a+ ty dolly wink & l'oreal for pulling thru

end friday

Saturday...smh I don't even remember doing anything
aka i was studying
like seriously studying


matching with brian LOL smh I couldn't decide my dress until like 10 minutes before I left and he ended up bringing both ties. hehe sorry brian

genny with a g

JENNAY i lava u

with madame president :-)


i like the contrast between the 4 of us LOL

jennifer :)

one of like 10000 selfies

AT&T bars LOL


jeffrey again 


genny with a g again

sorry my captions lame af

YAY future roomies

with my big :)



ok afterwards we had a very serious business meeting.

i really like this pic and how we are all matching

jen why are you so red :3

ok no more pics from business meeting. END SUNDAY BEGIN MONDAY aka death week aka finals

studying econ

this is literally the only pic i have during this week LOL like what else am i supposed to take pics of 

studying in atrium and bigs from UWS made waffles!! so freaking nice omg. also zack delivered his churro fries to everyone WHY IS EVERYONE SO KIND AND SUPPORTIVE I CANNOT.


on Friday night (the night before I went home) Genny and I decided to go out to TREAT OURSELVES and celebrate wooo

bus selfie
speaking of selfies, my new phone has an automatic folder for selfies. goddamn apple and your technology

spotted this while walking SO CUTE

lights on 2nd street :) put me in such a good mood omg ALSO weather was like perfect that night. not too cold but not hot af.

also i guess ootn LOL: 

sweater--brandy melville
shorts--brandy melville (oops)

(I'm on the right btw SMH if you didn't know)

dinner at...shit what was it called



oh yeah

it was called taverna!!


this was called...the gnocchi something...

okay after dinner we went to trail of lights!!

funny story. we took an uber but bc the roads were closed off, we still ended up having to walk a mile to the park...but on the way, one of the many bike things (you know, like those bikes that pull a seat??? that charge money and stuff YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN) stopped us and the guy was like just get on no charge!!! you're headed to trail of lights right?? so we were like


and thus resulted in a crazy bike ride and we almost died.

ngl it was fun though


WOOOO what starts here changes da world!!

ps. i promise to do something world changing one day. it is WRITTEN.

 cute my first pic with santa since like 6 years old

so cute afterwards santa was like "thank you girls for making santa seem so cool" 

ending this post with a pic of my brother's dog.

 anyways YEAH that is an update of what's been going on in my life. quite a contrast from my previous posts since this one seems more...upbeat and peppy. Trust when I say that things always look better in pictures lol. Not to say that I'm not actually happy or having fun in those pictures, but those are just the highlights of what's happened in these past 120 days. not even all highlights either..honestly

I guess I'll write my reflection on my first semester at college

holy shit first of all it is 3 am.

basically...god. So many things have happened in so little time, and so many changes occurred and I got to experience so many new things. The first few weeks (or even month) were absolutely terrible to be quite honest. Being thrust into a whole new environment with strangers and new classes and a new living situation was hard enough already, but going through a break up during all that literally made me....I have no words. It was hard. It was REALLY hard.

Like I can't even describe how difficult it was. There were days when I would just come home from class and crawl on the floor and cry into my phone. I felt so absolutely and utterly alone. I WAS alone, and it's been the hardest thing I've had to go through in my life. I know it pales in comparison to other people's situations, and I know it honestly seems very childish and irrelevant but to ME--it was the hardest thing.

I wanted everything to go back to the way it was. I wanted to go back to senior year of high school, where I already had all my friends with people who knew me and I wanted my relationship back and my parents and not being alone.

 I can't say when or why that changed. During those weeks, I did go out to different events and meetings and tried to meet new people but honestly most of the times I didn't really feel like it helped. Looking back now, I am glad that I went out because even though at the time I didn't feel like it was helping me, or even doing the opposite by making me feel even worse, I know that I was much better off doing that than being more alone in my room.

One definite "turning point" was becoming director for ABSA. For once, I finally felt like I could do something on my own (even now when I know that I didn't really do anything to deserve it) and it encouraged me to better myself. I know it sounds cheesy--like bruh becoming director?? really?? but I'll seriously never forget the night I found out I got the position. and the thing is, like to most people its not even a big deal!! anyone can get a position!! and while that may be true, at the time, I felt so genuinely excited for the first time since being at college.

After that, things just started looking up. I still had so many "good" and "bad" days--they switched on and off. With time, the "good" days just started overriding the "bad" days to where I could go through a whole week without having any "bad" days.

I started making friends, made myself go out to as many events as I could, and basically just...be happy.

and I was happy!! I was very happy once I started getting the swing of things. I can honestly say that I really love and enjoy college now.


of course there has been some more changes that I didn't really expect. Changes within myself, my behavior, how I act, how I think...and whether its good or bad I still haven't figured out.

I have realized that this is literally what college is for though. Yes it is a school, yes it is to focus on academics, but it is so much more. MAJOR CHEESINESS AHEAD--but its a time to really discover who you are.

so yes. this is my update for my first semester of college. sorry for the picture spam and terrible captions, but thank you for bearing it all and making it so far. I hope you continue this journey with me as I...figure out who I am and have more adventures. LOL.

I write about stuff no one cares about--aka my life


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